Skipper™ Cleaning Trolley

The Skipper Cleaning Trolley is the single-unit version of the Glasdon Space-Liner. As it is a smaller unit, it is ideal for smaller cleaning jobs, both indoors and outdoors. It is ergonomically designed for easy handling and its compact design allows access to areas where larger or mechanical cleaning machines may not be able to reach.

The 70ltr storage container has drainage holes to prevent water collecting, and a durable retention ring that securely holds bin bags in place. The front of the Skipper has a moulding that is specially designed to securely carry brushes, shovels, broom and other equipment.

The Skipper body is manufactured from Durapol®, a specially designed polymer which is highly durable and formulated to withstand extremes of temperature. It will not chip or rust, and never needs painting. It is easy to clean, and even graffiti can be simply wiped off using a mild graffiti cleaner.

The Skipper is available in a selection of colours and can be customised with your logo or recycling program branding to further enhance your cleaning operation’s image.

The Skipper is built on a sturdy tubular steel frame coated with Armotec®, which provides corrosion protection. It has solid rubber tyres with steel wheel rims in the back, and small jockey-wheels on the front to provide both stability and manoeuvrability. A brake unit allows safe parking on gradients.


Product Features

  • Front moulding: Dark Green, Dark Blue, Dark Grey
  • Lid/Rigid litter container: Light Grey
  • Rigid litter container: Durapol®
  • Lid: Durapol®
  • Front Moulding: Durapol®
  • Handles, Axles, Sack Retention System: Premium Grade 316 stainless steel
  • Tyres: Solid rubber

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