Nexus™ 360

The Glasdon NEXUS 360 Recycling Bin is a large capacity recycling housing designed to accept a 240 litre wheeled container. The NEXUS 360 Recycling Bin features a curved outer body that provides maximum strength and prevents litter or rainwater from gathering on the hood.

The interior is designed with a smooth, easy to clean base with a ramp and wheel location points for quick and secure removal and replacement of the wheeled recycling container.

The NEXUS 360 Recycling Bin is available with a choice of six standard recycling apertures, and graphics can be designed to meet your needs. Clear wording and iconography above the aperture panel reduces the risk of cross contamination, and a large A3 sized poster frame kit on the door can be used for recycling graphics, campaign updates or sponsorship opportunities.

The door of the NEXUS 360 Recycling Bin features a large, discreetly recessed lifting handle designed to be easily opened even by operators wearing protective gloves.

The door features a ribbed finish to discourage fly posting that is still smooth enough to be quickly and efficiently wiped clean.

NEXUS 360 Recycling Bin has a large overhanging aperture shelf that ensures all waste deposited falls correctly into the wheeled container. The double skinned door features a concealed hinge that adds strength to the bin and allows for a flush external finish. Where vandalism is a problem, the NEXUS Recycling Bins can also be fitted with a new patented fire suppression system.

Glasdon FIRESAFE™ is an automatic fire suppression device fitted within the hood of the recycle bin. The NEXUS 360 Recycling Bin is available in a choice of Anthracite Grey or Black which is made from 100% recycled material.

It is manufactured from DURAPOL®, a specially designed polymer which is highly vandal resistant and formulated to withstand extremes of temperature. It will not chip or rust, and never needs painting. It is easy to clean, and even graffiti can be simply wiped off using a mild graffiti cleaner.


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