Nexus™ 30

The Nexus™ 30 RECYCLING BIN is a small, contemporary styled 30 litre capacity office recycling bin that is ideal for creating complete micro-recycling banks where space is limited.

As with all of the Glasdon range of recycling bins, the NEXUS 30 offers a selection of different coloured and shaped apertures and graphics to ensure you can tailor your recycling bin choices to your office recycling needs.

A pivoting lid and lid-stay feature provides ease and speed of emptying, and the internal bin-liner system holds the liner securely in place and tidily out of view when the lid is closed. The NEXUS 30 body is also designed with smooth internal and external surfaces to facilitate ease and speed of cleaning and to ensure there are no places for waste to get caught or for germs to harbour.

Other optional extras include a detachable backing sign that will hold an A4 sign which can be personalised with your company logo or recycling message, a handle on the back of the bin to allow for easier emptying, and a permanent or lift-off wall mounting kit to securely position your bins off the floor.


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