Nexus™ 200

The Glasdon NEXUS 200 Recycling Bin is a contemporary twin-stream recycling unit with a slim, elliptical shape that takes up minimal space and allows the recycling apertures and graphics to be seen from all sides.

The NEXUS 200 Recycle Bin features a curved hood that adds strength to the container while preventing litter or rainwater gathering on the top. It has two large 100-litre capacity liners that reduce the need for frequent emptying.

The recycling aperture panels feature innovative overhanging shelves that ensure all deposited waste falls directly into the liners. It also comes with an optional ashtray insert. The NEXUS 200 Recycling Bin can be supplied with clear signage and aperture panels in colours to match your recycling theme. Recessed graphics on the bin’s hood ensure that its purpose is easily identified from all angles.

Large A3-sized poster frame kits on all sides of the bin are interchangeable and can be used for logo branding, campaign messages, or sponsorship opportunities. NEXUS 200’s double-skinned doors feature recessed lifting handles designed to allow opening by operators even when wearing protective gloves. The recycle bin’s body has a ribbed anti-fly posting finish that discourages adhesion while remaining smooth enough to be easily cleaned.

NEXUS 200 Recycling Bin features a secure 3-point interlocking system for its double doors.

Opening the recycle bin requires a single key operation to allow access to both liners, with a rise-to-open mechanism and concealed hinges for increased security and improved aesthetics. The NEXUS 200 Recycling Bin is available in a choice of Anthracite Grey or Black, which is made from 100%, recycled material.

It is manufactured from Durapol®, a specially designed polymer that is highly vandal resistant and formulated to withstand extremes of temperature. It will not chip or rust, and never needs painting. It is easy to clean, and even graffiti can be simply wiped off using a mild graffiti cleaner.


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