Nexus™ 100

NEXUS™ 100 units can be sited side-by-side or back-to-back to create a recycling centre. Colour-coded apertures (Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Red and Yellow) and clear graphics make NEXUS 100 easily identifiable for effective use. Standard graphic options and Recycle Now graphic options are available.

Optional post-mounted or wall-mounting sign kits are also available to help promote the recycling message.

Paper, Cans, Plastic Bottles and Glass Bottles can all be collected in NEXUS 100, as well as other recyclables, such as Batteries, Mobile Phones, Bottle Tops, CDs and Ink Cartridges. NEXUS 100 has a large 100 litre capacity. An additional 8ltr side pod is available on one or both sides of the NEXUS 100. This can be either a reservoir for collecting waste liquid from cans or bottles before depositing in the unit, a waste pod for collecting non-recyclable items, or an additional recycling bin for other items. A standard range of graphics are available and the trim on the pod can be supplied in Red, Orange, Yellow and Dusty Grey.

Product Features

  • Bin Body: Dark Grey
  • Bin Door & Lid: Pastel Grey
  • Apertures & Graphics:
    • Can / Bottle – Yellow
    • Paper / Confidential Paper – Pastel blue
    • General Waste – Red
    • Organics – Green
    • Mixed Recycling -Yellow
  • Body & Lid: Durapol®
  • Cupbank Resevior: Durapol® or Duratec®

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