ECO Nexus™ 60

Compact, economically priced and made almost entirely from recycled plastic, the Eco Nexus 60 internal recycling bins are the ideal solution for companies looking to implement a low-budget full-office recycling program. They have a 60 litre holding capacity and are made from between 73% and 77% recycled content, plus are fully recyclable after their usable life. They also have the same narrow footprint and can be orientated either length or width ways, enabling full recycling banks to be fitted into even the smallest of office environments.

The Eco Nexus Bin lids are designed with shaped apertures that clearly identify which waste type should be deposited, and can be combined with bin graphics and optional sign plaques to further discourage waste contamination.

The smooth surface of the Eco Nexus body can be cleaned quickly, leaving no area for germs to harbour. An internal bin-liner system holds the liner in place, preventing even oversized bin liners from being visible when the bins are in use. Other optional extras include a lock for confidential waste streams, a snap-on wheel kit for easy manoeuvring when the bins are full, a detachable backing sign that will hold an A4 sign which can be personalised with your company logo or recycling message, and a Cupbank with reservoir system which separately stores discarded drinking cups from coffee or water dregs.

Product Features

  • Bin Body: Light Grey
  • Apertures & Graphics:
    • Can / Bottle – Yellow
    • Paper / Confidential Paper – Pastel blue
    • General Waste – Red
    • Organics – Green
    • Mixed Recycling -Yellow
  • Body & Lid: Durapol®
  • Cupbank Resevior: Durapol® or Duratec®

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