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Novelty Litter Bins

Froggo, Splasj and TidyBear litter bins are tough, durable and weather resistant. The attractive appearance of the animal shaped litter bins appeal to children of all ages and help encourage the correct disposal of litter. Ideal for any indoor or outdoor children's area.

Design Features

  • Rear opening lockable door.
  • Concealed door catches.
  • Location tray feature for correct positioning of liner
  • Internal liner guide ramps.
  • Integrally colour-moulded eyes.
  • Zinc-coated steel liner. (Froggo & Splash).
  • Galvanised steel liner (TidyBear).




Bin body: Bright green


Bin body: Dolphin Blue.

Door panel: Ivory.


Bin body: Dark Brown.

Mouth: Light Brown.

Nose: Black.




Froggo & Splash

Bin body: Durapol®

Metal liner: Zinc-coated steel

Moulded plastic liner: Polyethylene


Bin body, mouth & nose: Durapol®

Eyes: Duratec

Liner: Zinc-coated steel


Height: 870-941mm
Depth: 740-915mm
Weight: 15-23.6kg
Capacity: 52-85ltr
Width: 735-745mm
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